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Finding Words That Ring True

Things of magnitude settle over you with excruciating slowness. ~Sue Monk Kidd I’ve got a husband and an ex husband and a daughter and a son and a dog and a hive of honey bees and they are all significant to me. I’ve got dear friends, Cassandra and Lisa and Mary and Barbara and Martha […]

Making a Permanent Difference After Breast Cancer

The news of cancer is always frightening, no one wants to hear it, but once I did, my life was changed forever. My journey with cancer is not much different from other survivors, starting in 2012 where I initially had a misdiagnosis. Eventually, after running more tests I was finally confirmed with a diagnosis of […]

How Can I Help? Giving & Receving Kindness & Caring If You or Someone You Love Has Cancer

When we hear the word “cancer” it stops us in our tracks and are often left wondering what to say or do. How Can I Help? is a beautiful and touching book of ideas to encourage your loved one as they navigate uncertain times with a touch of beauty, a bit of humor, and perhaps a slice […]

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