Breast Investigators Mission

To serve proactive individuals, breast cancer patients, cancer survivors, and previvors as a tool to assist them in finding the resources they need to help them make the best, most informed decisions about their breast health and well being. Through website information, blogs, events, and directory listings of healthcare providers, complementary care providers, emotional support, and assistance, women and men are empowered to take action toward their best possible care. To partner with non-profit organizations providing programs and services that benefit breast cancer patients, cancer survivors and the underserved in need of breast health care. To serve as a platform to bring the breast health community together under the common goals to prevent, detect, treat, and CURE breast cancer and to best serve all those who are affected by breast cancer. Educate our members and visitors about cancer prevention, early detection, treatment and survivorship of breast cancer by providing easy access to information, events and other social members. Offer the opportunity to our members and potential advocates to get involved with the efforts toward breast cancer awareness and finding a cure by informing them of fundraising events and volunteer opportunities with organizations that are dedicated to the cause.