Are you affiliated?

“Thought you'd like to see this in case you are affiliated” -with a link regarding a pink organization my acquaintance does not lend his approval was the brief message….

Are you affiliated….a song floated through my tired brain, “Are you affiliated”….wove around and somehow became the Hendrix song, “Are you experienced…." Most likely an artist my acquaintance might not approve of either…..and was the uninvited soundtrack to my uninvited day.

Are you affiliated … a deep tired that sleep will not help, after spending hours with a woman only 49 yrs old. Cindy, mom of Ian, 11 yrs old and Jamie 8 yrs old, who was in her last days of home hospice, after an 18 month battle, only downhill, never a break or even a pause in her fight with IBC, Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

Are you affiliated….the older of the boys comes into the bedroom, unaware he might not get to see his mom awake again, absentmindedly leans into me, I with the same absentminded habit of a mom of five, draw him near. He hugs me, looks up and says, “I don’t know you, but I love you.”

Are you affiliated…when the family couldn’t handle what was happening, I was the one wiping the bile off of Cindy’s face, the vomiting was so bad…finally the emergency team came.

Are you affiliated….and when the ambulance doors closed in front of her house, I was the only one on the sidewalk to smile and tell her it will be ok, soon, it will be ok…

Affiliated? I don’t know. I have held many a hand of a woman dying of IBC, the rarest of the breast cancers, because you see, I have Inflammatory Breast Cancer too. And for whatever reason you don’t like whatever pink organization is out there, just because I have the most fatal form of breast cancer known, I am not in charge of the breast cancer world. Just like no one asked me, “btw, are you ready to get the shit kicked out of you by cancer?” No one from a major pink organization has called to ask me how they should spend their money. Again, I am not in charge. But what I am in charge of is how I spend my time, give my love, show my compassion…

Are you affiliated…the next lines of the song came to me, “Are You Experienced?

Ah! Have you ever been experienced?

Well, I have”


Post note: Hendrix said the message in "Are You Experienced?" is said to be to let go of the daily hardships of life and take a moment to relax and look at your life. Jimi tells us to find peace within ourselves; "not necessarily stoned, but beautiful". It is also said that the song is also meant about love.


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