Are You Getting the Most Health Benefit from Your Health Insurance?

My family recently changed health insurance companies, and it happened unbeknown to me at the same time my good friend, Bambi Famous-Kaine, RN, BSN started to work for the same company, Florida Blue.

She was hired as a Care Consultant at their new Florida Blue Center located on University Parkway in Sarasota. The company was testing out a new concept in a few cities in Florida, and she invited me in for a health assessment at no cost, as it is part of my health insurance benefits.  Always interested in learning about health resources and improving my own health, I excitedly agreed!

Boy, I was impressed from first sight!  This magnificent freestanding building reminded me of a cross between a full-service bank and a cozy lodge.  The setting was a friendly atmosphere that screams to the customer, “You’re important, and so is Your Health!

The offices have desks set up where clients can work through any kind of insurance questions with benefit experts who are dedicated to helping members maximize the benefits available in their personal insurance plan.  If for any reason you have to wait, there is a dedicated area not only to keep the kids entertained, but also the adults.  I was fascinated by the display models of food and beverage products demonstrating the fat and sugar contents of our popular fast food purchases.  Let’s just say I will never look at a Grande Caramel Macchiato the same way again.

After Bambi gave me a tour of the super-cool facility and introduced me to the incredibly friendly staff, we got to work on my Personal Wellness Health Assessment.  She started by asking me a few questions, and I filled out a wellness and lifestyle questionnaire. Then she took my blood pressure, and a small finger prick to measure my cholesterol and blood glucose levels.  After that, I stepped on this really unusual machine that looked much like an upright vacuum cleaner, and it measured my BMI (Body Mass Index).  All of this information was plugged into their computer program, which spit out a Personal Wellness Report that was specific to ME.

Bambi took me into her private office to go over my results and offered some suggestions on how I might be able to make improvements in my nutrition and managing stress (the two areas I could “strengthen my health behaviors” for at that time).  She also loaded up a folder filled with information that I could read leisurely at home.  She told me about some of the health events that are held every month at the center, and some of the useful online tools offered on their website.

By no means does Florida Blue intend for these Personal Health Assessments to take the place of your regular checkup and physical exams with your primary care doctor, but to help create a snapshot of your health so that you can evaluate and reassess your personal choices.

I know it got me thinking!  Although my assessment was pretty good, I saw ways I could do better.  But that’s another blog…..

Check with your insurance carrier to find out if they offer health benefits you may not have known about. Then report back to us on the bottom of this blog. Breast Investigators love learning new things!


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