Are You Rushing Your Body to Heal?

We were a small support group of women sitting around a table when she came into the room.

She didn’t even make it to a chair before she shared her distress with her doctor, who had “finally” cleared her for physical activity after her mastectomy.

As an exercise instructor, she had been crazed by weeks of inactivity and weight gain. As soon as she was able to exercise, she threw herself back into it with a vengeance. Now she was in a lot of pain, angry with her doctor and afraid she would never be able to return to exercising.

We’d never met before, but it seemed obvious she had the drive to return to her passion.

What she wasn’t able to do was give her body the time it needed to heal.

It turned out that we had the same problem. When I couldn’t stand upright after my mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, it was easy to sit still. But, as time went on, I also tended to push my body harder than was prudent.

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Survival > Existence,

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