Beat Cancer Boot Camp

Sneakers? Check. Workout clothes? Check. Sunscreen? Check, check, check.
Kellman Breast Cancer Boot Camp (KBCBC) is a fitness program for cancer survivors, and those that love and support them. Dealing with cancer is a physical and mental challenge. The American Cancer Society says that “newer research has shown that exercise is not only safe, and possible during cancer treatment, but it can improve how well you function physically and also enhance your quality of life.”  The odds of beating cancer are greater when someone is physically and mentally strong.
This program, developed by Anita Kellman a medical professional for over 30 years, and is a clinical liaison for patients. “Sarge” as she is known by her troops, founded KBCBC to empower and inspire cancer survivors and cancer patients to take charge of their lives. Unlike a onetime walk that’s focused on fundraising, KBCBC mentally and physically prepares people for the fight of their life and helps improve their chance of survival.
KBCBC is nationally recognized as the first physical fitness support group for cancer survivors.  This licensed program has been featured on the hit NBC show The Biggest Loser as well as on PBS and by the AARP.  Programs are now available with locations in AZ, OH, UT, CA, PA, WI and MA.
Now with thousands of troop members throughout the US involved and reporting improved quality of life, her mission is expanding this powerful program throughout the country to help cancer patients and survivors conquer their fears and take charge of their lives.
For those who do not have a KBCBC program yet in their community they can stay connected and be part of the program by getting an 8 week program in DVD format, which will empower all ages and stages of cancer survivors to take control of their physical and mental stamina.

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