Center for Building Hope Honors 2013 Stephen H. Goldman, MD Keystone Award Recipients: James Fiorica, MD, Marie Borsellino, RN BSN OCN CBPN-IC, and Angela Long

In 2001, the Stephen H. Goldman, M.D. Keystone Award was established to honor Dr.Goldman. In naming the award, a title was sought that would not only capture the award’s meaning, but also the passion that Dr. Goldman brought to both his professional and personal life. For these reasons, the award is named the “Keystone.” By definition, a keystone is the central stone of an arch that locks its parts together, a supporting element that gives the archway its strength and stability. Such an element was seen as a fitting metaphor for the work Dr. Goldman performed in founding and developing Oncology Hematology Consultants, P.A., and in his unwavering support and commitment to the Center for Building Hope, and for his extraordinary service and contribution to the cancer community.

Please join us in honoring the
2013 Stephen H. Goldman, M.D. Keystone Award Recipients
Physician: James Fiorica, MD
Medical Professional: Marie Borsellino, RN BSN OCN CBPN-C
Layperson: Angela Long, Founder Breast Investigators

Dr. James Fiorica, MD
First Physicians Group of Sarasota

Dr. James V. Fiorica, MD leads the Women’s Cancer Care program at Sarasota Memorial. He works in a collaborative role with gynecology, internal medicine, family practice and medical oncology practitioners. Dr. Fiorica has had a career long dedication to investigative research to find effective treatments for managing the physical aspects of gynecologic cancers while providing compassionate care of psychosocial aspects as well. As a principal investigator for the Gynecological Onology Group (GOG), a division of the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Firoica has brought cutting edge therapy and access to investigative clinical trials to the local community of women. Dr. Fiorica’s expertise advances capabilities in Sarasota Memorial’s diagnosis and treatment of reproductive cancers. His practice affiliation is the First Physicians Group of Sarasota.

Marie Borsellino RN, BSN, OCN, CBPN-C
Sarasota Memorial Health Care System

Marie Borsellino, RN, BSN, OCN, CBPN-CMarie Borsellino is an oncology nurse with 25 years experience working with adult oncology patients in a variety of roles that include inpatient and outpatient settings. Since 2008, Marie has focused on the growing field of oncology patient navigation and assumed the role of breast health navigator for Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System in Sarasota, Florida. “A nurse navigator can work with the patient and family at this time to put together the diagnosis information with educational and financial resources. The patient navigator becomes the patient’s advocate when dealing with today’s complicated health care system.” And Borsellino is a powerful resource. She will do whatever it takes to make you healthy again. She has co-facilitated advanced breast groups and advocated the services at CBH for many years.

Angela Long
Breast Investigators, LLC

Angela Long, is a breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 at the age of 35. As a mother of two young children at the time of her diagnosis, it is not surprising that her gratitude for life and a second chance was immense when she was pronounced cancer-free. She spent the following years as a tireless fundraiser for non-profits and educating family, friends and acquaintances on the importance of breast cancer screening and early detection. She also helped many other breast cancer survivors during their journey through treatment. She founded the online community to create a platform where women and men can gain from the knowledge of experienced and authoritative members of the network, learn of local events and resources available to them, and connect with others. She believes that, together, we can take the mystery out of breast cancer.

Join us for the Celebration of Hope Dinner April 25, 2013.



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