Chemo or not ??? OncotypeDX may help with answer

Chemotherapy treatment guidelines are based on the “odds” of it helping a large percentage of cancer patients. OncotypeDX, a relatively new test uses a sliver of your own tumor to evaluate the benefit of chemo based on your cancer cells. The tool became available in 2005. It is for patients with Stage 1 or 2 estrogen positive breast cancer. In 2006, when I was diagnosed it was only for “node negative”. I had a microscopic amount of cancer in one node and did not want chemo. I called the comany and found out that they would be willing to test my tumor. I discussed this with my oncologist and he made arrangements for the test. Based on the results, I did have chemo but I was comfortable with the decision. The test is not cheap, about $5000, but many insurance companies cover it and the company offers financial help. It takes about two to three weeks to package, send the sample and do the testing. There is no new cutting, they send part of the tumor that was taken out during your cancer surgery. Talk to your doctor about whether the test will help you. I hope this helps, Dawn M

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