Dyeing Eggs Without Chemicals

I got diagnosed with breast cancer during the Easter season. Once I began to clear the cupboards of chemicals, something occurred to me – How do I dye Easter eggs??? My daughter was only 8 years old. I had to figure something out.

Then I came across an article explaining how to dye eggs with natural coloring. For example, beets make a very vibrant pink/red. Turmeric makes a sunny yellow. Yellow onion skins make orange.

For directions to dye eggs with natural colors, click here.

In the picture are the eggs that my daughter and I dyed.
Green – liquid chlorophyll (sold at Whole Foods in vitamin section)
Pink/red – beet
Purple/blue – purple cabbage
Yellow – turmeric
Orange – yellow onion skin

I set the dye up in coffee mugs – much more sturdy for little hands… less risk of tipping.

We used rubber bands to make the designs. Just put them on any way you like, then plop in the dye.

We wrote on some of the eggs with crayons.

We made our dyes in less than one hour, which gave us pastel-colored eggs. If you prefer the colors to be more vibrant, make the colors the night before and let the ingredients soak until morning.

HAPPY SPRING!!!! And have fun.


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