Emerge from the Fire - Breast Cancer Survivor Secrets

Congratulations!! You made it through breast cancer surgery and treatment. It’s over. Time to breathe that big sigh of relief, celebrate your survival, and get back to living life.

Through-out the fight, that is the goal we work towards and yet, when we finally reach that goal, many of us discover that we feel quite different from what we or others might expect. Rather than relief and celebration, emotions such as loneliness, anxiety and even depression can prevent us from moving on into both physically and emotionally healthy survivorship. If this is your experience, you are far from alone.

Meet 20 inspirational women just like you who have survived breast cancer, only to learn that survivorship is a whole other challenge. I’m honored to be one of the 20 inspirational women from all walks of life who share insights and lessons they’ve learned to help you rebuild a vibrant and extraordinary life after breast cancer.

Emerge from the Fire” is Guide 2 in Gai Coman’s “Breast Cancer Survivor Secrets” and is designed to guide you in gathering support after treatment, finding joy in the ordinary, and creating strategies for living your life to its fullest. It is divided into 3 sections: Navigating Your Path to Healing After Treatment, Finding Joy in Ordinary Moments, and Strategies For A Vital and Extraordinary Life, with topics like healing through self-compassion, to seeking out peer support, to strategies for renewed intimacy or lymphema management. With this guide in hand, you will be in the company of 20 women just like you who know the challenge of survivorship and can help put you on the path to vibrant living.

Download Emerge from the Fire here or by clicking http://gaicomans.com/empower/ and if you missed the first part of her Breast Cancer Survivor Secrets eguide, you can download it here.


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