Every Bald Masterpiece Needs a Frame

Among the small sample of artwork I own, my favorite pieces are 4 oil paintings created by an artist in Mangochi, Malawi. One of the things I love most about these four paintings is that each one is limited to about 4 shades of one color, with only the addition of black for shadow and depth. Until I find the perfect frames to do my paintings justice, they’re stored carefully out-of-view because all fine art deserves a fine frame.

mime-face.jpgOur faces are no different. A face is the canvas that expresses the soul. We look to each other’s eyes, mouths, or chin angle for a sense of the underlying emotional being. Without hair, our faces can appear stark and in need of a frame. Fortunately, hair is not the only thing that can frame our faces.

head-band.jpgHair accessories are not just for those with tons of hair. From wide head bands such as 4Women.com’s transitional head scarves, to full-head fashionable scarves like the beaubeau, to fun, elegant, or fashion-forward hats, head coverings can frame the face, complement your outfit, and make a personal fashion statement.

sueaccessory.jpgWith or without hair, you can also frame your face with sparkle and color. I don’t know about you, but I so love earrings. I love it when others wear earrings because I love watching how the light reflects off of different materials and colors. Just yesterday, Brooke (my beloved 4Women.com colleague) wore a pair of fabulous black earrings that would catch the light from different angles, adding just a touch of deep sparkle along the sides of her face. Necklaces do the same, framing the chin and smile, bringing color out of our eyes, clothes, or head scarves.

Whether framing a painting or a face, frames come in all styles, shapes, colors and sizes. If you’re losing or have lost your hair and feel as if you’ve lost your expression, identity, or your artistic canvas all-together, think again. Think accessories. Color, texture, sparkle, movement – all elements that will frame your finest piece of art, your face.

Have a favorite neck-up accessory for framing your face? We’d love to see!

Michelle, 4Women.com


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