Exciting Times Ahead for ‘Survivors in Sync’ and BCS Dragon Boat Teams Around the World

Why all the excitement and fuss?  Because Sarasota’s ‘Survivors in Sync’ (SIS) breast cancer survivor (BCS) dragon boat team and BCS teams around the world are preparing for the international IBCPC Dragon Boat Race, to be held in Florence, Italy in 2018.  Over 3 years away you say!?  History tells us that time flies when dragon boating.
Sarasota’s SIS team was formed in 2013 to represent Sarasota at the 2014 IBCPC Dragon Boat Festival, which was hosted in Sarasota for the very first time.  SIS started with 14 team members and our strong leader, Angela Long,  but no boat, no coach, no vest, no paddles. No problem, because we believed that nothing could stop us.
By June of 2014, we had a boat, a complete team, race jerseys, paddles, vests and a coach that worked with us three times a week to train for the big international race.  We were pleased to place 51 out of 102 teams.  That first competition was just our beginning. We’ve since placed second in Puerto Rico and second at Cape Canaveral Space Coast Race in Spring of 2015.

Not surprisingly, our excitement grows by the day as we train for the international IBCPC Dragon Boat Race planned in Florence, Italy for 2018.
And YES! We will do Sarasota proud!!!
Are you a breast cancer survivor? Do you want to be a part of a great team? Contact us at survivorsinsync.org and join us as Sarasota’s SIS makes history!
Not in the Sarasota,FL area?  Visit the IBCPC website to find a BCS dragon boat team near you.  Or Learn how to start a BCS Dragon Boat team in your area.


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