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How Can I Become a Member of the Breast Investigators Social Network?

Just click on “Sign Up” on our home page and then complete the form that appears on the following page. It’s that easy!

Is there a fee to become a member of the Breast Investigators Social Network?

No, there are never any costs to join. Membership is free.

Can organizations, professionals and businesses join the network?

Yes, in fact, we encourage any organization in the breat health community to join. To keep our website informative in nature, we do ask that all members refrain from promoting their products and services through repeated identical postings, off-topic postings or unsolicited postings. In other words, no spam, please.

Can anyone submit an event to promote on the Breast Investigators events page?

Yes, all social members can submit events once they are logged in. Once you submit your event, we will review your posting and then determine its relevancy to our online community. We accept most breast health related conferences, education, survivorship and wellness events. We also accept fundraising events and promotions for approved non-profits.

Can I submit a blog for Breast Investigators?

Yes. Anyone who is a social member and is logged in to our website can submit a blog for review. Upon approval, it will be shared on our public blog view. Otherwise, it will remain on your profile page for logged-in members to read when they visit your profile page. If your blog is considered spam, it will be deleted.

When I Upload a Link to Breast Investigators or Share a Link in My Social Media Stream, Does Breast Investigators Copy My Content?

No, we do not copy articles or blog posts. We adhere to the principles of “fair use” and only review and analyze public contributions.

I’m a blogger on Breast Investigators and I Noticed Links to My Content Are Starting to Appear in Search Engines. How Does This Help Me?

Without visitors finding and reading your content, the materials that you are placing on the Internet are of little use. We create direct links to your content to make it rank more highly on the pages of search engines like Google and Bing. Studies show that most people never navigate past the second page of results when conducting online research, so appearing at the top of the page is vital if you want to continuously receive traffic. We also promote your links on our site, our partner’s sites and through our email newsletters to give your content even more exposure. Our goal is always to get you noticed by more individuals who need the information that you are providing, both on our site and on the Internet at large.

Do You Include Advertising on Directory Listing Profile?

We do not include any advertising on your Directory Profile page or allow instream advertising if you have a paid listing level. We do have ads on our Free Directory listing level profiles to support our business and keep the service free for social users and health professionals. Advertising is strictly controlled on the site. All advertisements and any promotional information are clearly indicated and easily identifiable as such and separated and distinguished from the editorial content. All advertisements are identified with the word “Sponsor.”

Does Breast Investigators Claim Intellectual Property Rights on the Content I Write, Upload, or Share?

Breast Investigators does not claim ownership of content uploaded to blog posts, events, tweets, RSS feed, articles or other content on third-party sites that are posted on or linked to and from Breast Investigators, nor does Breast Investigators take responsibility for or endorse this content.


How can I submit a listing for the Breast Investigators Directory?

Click on “Add a Listing” and enter the relevant information. Choose a listing level that would best match your goals on our network.

How Can I Make Changes Directory Listing?

After you verify your email address and have logged in, you can customize your Directory Listing. Click on the “Settings” link, and you’ll be able to enhance your directory listing information. In the link section, you can add links that are significant to you.

How Can I Remove My Listing?

You can request to have your listing removed simply by clicking “Delete Profile” on your profile page. As an alternative, you can submit your request using our Contact Form.

Does Being on a “Sponsor Listing” Mean that Breast Investigators Recognizes those Individuals and Businesses as Top Experts in Their Career Fields?

Breast Investigators does not rank or grade the career expertise of any individual, group or business or services provided. A title such as “Sponsor Listing” or “Professional Listing” is used to describe the listing level, to which they have subscribed on our directory.

How Does Breast Investigators Promote and Enhance professionals’ Reputations Online?

With so many people turning to the Internet to conduct research on healthcare issues, there is a real need for authoritative and accurate information from doctors and health professionals online. The goal of our site is to help those medical professionals willing to share their knowledge and time with the general public build their own reputations and to help them become well known authorities in their respective fields.

We help doctors and healthcare professionals reach the general public by indexing their blog posts on top search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!. Through our optimized website, medical professionals will rank more highly on search pages than they would otherwise. This brings people who are looking for answers right to their profiles.

In addition, we send out e-mail newsletters that contain links to the sites and blogs of our professionals as well as any resources that they provide. All of these services are intended to help our directory listing members increase their online visibility and build their reputations.

Does Breast Investigators Support the Viewpoints of Those With Directory Listings or Social Profiles on breastinvestigators.org?

No, the opinions expressed by the users, medical professionals and organizations that post on breastinvestigators.org are independent of the opinions of Breast Investigators and its employees. All of the information provided on our pages is only for the information needs of our visitors who should evaluate the material on their own. We cannot guarantee or authenticate the information posted on our site or that is linked to us from social media or other outside services. In addition, we do not endorse any of the content or opinions on pages that are accessible via hyperlinks on our site. Medical issues are complex, and often there will be conflicting or opposing points of view from those expressed on our network. The appearance of those points of view on our site does not in any way represent an endorsement of those opinions. See more specifics in our Terms of Service.


What are Metro Areas?

Metro areas are geographical areas that are defined to help our website members and visitors easily find the events, network members, support and professional resources available to them in their local areas.

What are City Breast Health Advocates or City Advocates?

These are members of our community that have been chosen to represent a specific metro area. City Advocates are responsible for researching upcoming events, support groups, and current breast health news for their metro area. City advocates also promote our website to their community and potential directory listing members.

What are Non-profit Affiliate Partners?

Our Non-profit Affiliate Partners are upstanding organizations that are providing a needed service in the breast cancer, cancer and wellness communities and have been chosen to enter into an affiliate partnership with Breast Investigators. Our Non-profit Affiliate Partners agree to share our website and Directory with their database of followers to notify them of the opportunity to join us. In return, we reward these Affiliate Partners with a percentage of every paid directory listing each month. This creates a relationship where everyone benefits; the non-profits’ followers learn from being part of our community, while Breast Investigators gives back to these organizations to help fund their valuable programs and services.

Do you have to be a non-profit to be an Affiliate Partner?

Currently, we are only accepting applications for affiliates who represent a non-profit organization that serves the breast health, breast cancer, cancer and wellness communities; however, if you are not a non-profit, you may consider applying to our City Breast Health Advocate program to seek an affiliate type of relationship with Breast Investigators.