Florida’s Anti-Cancer Medication Bill: How You Can Help

The Florida Suncoast Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure is a member of the Komen Advocacy Alliance in the state of Florida is a collaborative effort between the six Florida Komen Affiliates, their partners, allies, and grantees to ensure that breast cancer is recognized in the state as an important issue, and that the rights and needs of breast cancer patients and survivors are recognized. One issue we are working on this year is Florida’s anti-cancer medication bill, which addresses the disparity in insurance coverage for different types of chemotherapy. In Florida, cancer patients who receive their chemotherapy intravenously have their treatment covered under their regular insurance plan; however, patients who receive oral chemotherapy–which for some forms of cancer is the standard in care–their treatment is covered as a prescription because it is filled in a pharmacy. This causes an undue burden of the cost of cancer treatment to fall on the patient, which would have been covered had they received treatment in a doctor’s office. The Komen Advocacy Alliance and our partners want to see the disparity in cost of oral chemotherapy and intravenous chemotherapy disappear by passing a bill in the state legislature that would require health insurance companies to cover oral chemotherapy as a treatment instead of a prescription. We are asking that cancer survivors who have been impacted by this disparity speak out! If you would be willing to share your story in any capacity, please contact Kaytlyn Burke, Grants & Mission Outreach Coordinator at Komen Florida Suncoast, at kaytlyn.burke@komensuncoast.org. You can also help by calling or writing your state legislators in the House and Senate and urging them to pass Florida’s anti-cancer medication bill. If you would like more information about oral chemotherapy, and why we need oral parity reform in Florida, please visit www.komensuncoast.org or email Kaytlyn at the above address.


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