For 3 Sisters

Marshall Moneymaker was just your everyday fire fighter in Montgomery County Maryland, when, devastated by the diagnosis and subsequent tragic loss of his three sisters, Vicky, Penny, and Valessa to breast cancer, Marshall and his wife Shannon decided to start their non-profit charity For 3 Sisters in their honor.  Shortly after their passing his firehouse hosted a pit-stop for a cancer walk, and then…Marshall turned PINK, that is he became the Pink Fireman. For 3 Sisters gives him a ray of hope and a way to truly honor his sisters, and all who battle breast cancer.  For 3 Sisters provides all breast cancer patients and survivors assistance with various services, among them;  medical & household bills, transportation, meals & groceries, child care, housecleaning, veterinary care, wigs & head coverings, surgery and lymphedema garments, counseling & support, retreats & vacations, scholarships, and hospice care.
Their commitment is to raising awareness about breast cancer using outreach methods including social media, e-newsletters and event opportunities.   They maintain a database containing information about organizations that help breast cancer patients and their children before, during and after their journey.

While their headquarters is in Maryland, For 3 Sisters works with patients from all over the US, and have several programs to facilitate outreach efforts for the BC Community.  Their Road to Resources program is a “hold your hand” program. You will be assigned a Resource Coach who will work with you and your doctor to help you find resources in your community to improve your quality of life.  The Power of One program is an education outreach program targeted towards helping people take charge of their breast health, and McKenzie’s Corner is a program with an education and awareness goal.  It provides a picture of Marshall as the Pink Fireman for kids to color which in turn opens up conversations and awareness with parents who may get testing after their child participates in the program.
To find out how you can help, go to their website!get-involved/cjan



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