Have you ever wanted to try raw foods? Why not start with dessert!

Strawberry, Date, & Fig Torte

Treating yourself to a raw dessert has a healthy benefit – raw fruits have much more nutritional value than cooked fruits. Because this dessert is loaded with natural sweetness, serving portions would be smaller than a typical slice of cake. Serves 12.

To hear me speak on the benefits of dates, listen here.

8 medium strawberries

2/3 c. pitted dates

2 c. raw walnuts

2 c. calimyrna figs

1 tbsp. warm water

additional strawberries and walnuts for garnish



Place figs, walnuts, and water into food processor. Blend until the mixture becomes a smooth paste. (Note: Fig seeds will still be visible.)

Shape mixture into a flattened circle on a serving plate.



Place dates and 8 medium strawberries into food processor. Blend until combined, with only small fruit chunks visible.

Spread date mixture over the top of the fig base.

Decorate the top of the torte with berries and/or walnuts in any design you like.

This torte can be sliced immediately, but it is much easier to slice if you chill for at least 20 minutes.


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