How to Sew a Seat Belt Cover

Does your seat belt rub you the wrong way?   Are you not using one because of post-surgery or radiation tenderness?  Would you just like to liven up your car interior?   No matter which reason, here is a project for you:  a padded seat belt cover that matches your personality.
     My instructions use 100% cotton fabric, two layers of batting and a fleece lining.  They are reversible and easily washed.
     If you stop by one of our many local quilt shops, you will find incredible selections of pre-cut fabrics called “Fat Quarters”.  This is yard of fabric cut crosswise and lengthwise resulting in a piece 18” by 21”. It can be cut into four 9” x9” pieces so you can pad your front and back seat belts.  Batting, fleece and many colors of hook & Loop tape (and fabric) can be found easily at chain stores like Joann Fabrics or Hancock’s.
     You may have trouble sewing multiple layers without a walking foot, but any reasonably sturdy machine can handle this project.  If you need help, stop by the “Stitch & Chat” group at the Center for Building Hope on the 2nd or 4th Monday (9:30 to 12:30).
Car Seatbelt Pads 
Fabric 9 x 9 inches
Fleece 9 x 9 inches
Batting (2 pieces) 8.5 x 8.5 inches
3/4” Hook and Loop strips (Velcro)7.75” long
seat belt cover3Trim about ¾” off batting corners to make outside corners less bulky.
     Trim about ¾” off batting corners to make outside corners less bulky.
Layer pieces as follows:
Fabric: Right side up (watch layout for directional prints)
Fleece: Right side down
Two pieces of batting
Pin in center, then flip over, pin and to sew.
Sew three sides with ½” seam allowance (backstitch ends) (or use edge of your walking foot as a seam guide)
seat belt cover2seat belt cover1Trim off two sewn corners close to stitching.
     Turn inside out so fleece and fabric are both outside.
     Place “hook” or rough strip of hook & loop upside down on fleece along open side 1/4” from raw edges.  Sew along right hand long edge of hook strip backstitching both ends.
Turn hook strip over to fabric side with ¼” or so of fleece showing.  Sew along the other long edge of hook strip .
Place “loop” or soft part of Hook & Loop face up on fleece about ¼” from edge on other end of pad.  Sew along right side of loop strip turn 90° then sew ¼” or so in along other three sides of pad.  Reverse stitch back to left side of loop strip and sew along remaining edge of loop strip.  Backstitch at end and trim threads.
by Dawn Moore


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