How to Sew a Soft Comfy Sleep Mask

Cancer has a funny way of making you re-evaluate many aspects of your life.  I was one of those “I never take naps” people before I started cancer treatment.  Once chemo and later radiation started, things sure changed.  I found that about 4:00 pm, I completely ran out of energy and needed to just lay down and sleep or meditate.  Sounds like a plan, until someone says “Have you seen my sock?” , “What’s for dinner?” or disturbs you with some other earthshattering question.  
I saw a post about using a sleep mask on my second favorite website – and thought, I can make these.  With the assistance of the Stitch & Chat ladies at the Center for Building Hope,  we came up with a comfortable design that is fairly easy to sew.
Your sleep mask can become a great way of letting your family members know that this is DO NOT DISTURB time.  It also blocks out our Florida sunshine.  The Stitch & Chat group makes sleep masks for the Relaxation Group that meets at the Center for Building Hope every Wednesday from noon to 1:0pm.  
If you would like to make your own or make some to donate, you can download the pattern and instructions from Breast Investigators.  Or join us at Stitch & Chat at the Center for Building Hope on the second and fourth Monday each month.
Soft and Comfy Sleep Mask Instructions
What you need: 
Fabric scraps (see note): 
(1) 21” x 2.5” 
(2) 4.5” x 8” 
Fleece scrap: 5” x 8” 
Batting scrap (optional): 5” x 6” 
Elastic: 16” of 3/8 or ½” wide elastic 
Fold the 21” long piece in half lengthwise with wrong side out to form the strap tube. 
Sew along the long side using a ¼” seam allowance. Pin a safety pin to one end and push it through the opening and out the other side to turn the strap right sides out. 
Use the safety pin to insert elastic inside the strap tube. Be sure to pin the end of the elastic before it pulls through. Sew across the ends to secure the elastic in place. 
Cut out a mask from the fabric. 
Layer the pieces as follows: 
 Batting (centered) 
 The mask (right side down) 
Mark the placement for the straps on both sides of mask, Put the strap under the fabric layer with one end matching the edge of the mask and the other end extended out. Sew from edge of strap (sticking out) around to the other edge Do not sew though the strap that sticks out. 
Trim off excess fleece and batting and clip inside curve at nose to just before the stitching line. 
Gently pull on the exposed end of strap until the mask is right sides out. Smooth the edges so that it is flat. 
Fold in the unsewn seam allowances of the mask. 
Tuck the end of the loose strap into the 
opening that you just folded in and pin in place. 
Edge stitch about 1/8” from edge around the 
entire mask to secure the strap and stabilize 
the mask. 
Slip it over your head, lie down and relax. 
Note: You will need to purchase a minimum of ¼ yard of fabric and fleece at most fabric shops. Look 
for “fat quarters” of fabric. With careful cutting, you can make four sleep masks from ¼ yard of fabric, 
so make four and give the other three to your friends. 
© Dawn Moore, Englewood, FL 2014



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