I'm reminded again why non-toxic cleaning is so important

I had the pleasure this morning of speaking with a group on new mothers about the toxins in our cleaning products. It’s tough, because as moms, especially new moms, we’re already worried about everything and don’t need one more layer of fear added to our lives, so I printed up a list taken straight from Sloan Barnett’s Everything Goes With Green .

Seeing these adorable children crawling around (and yet somehow able to resist the call of another baby so far!) reminded me why it’s so important that we prepare the world for them. They don’t know what they’re eating, and we can’t always tell what they’re eating, either. Clorox goes so far as to tell us we can soak the toys that babies mouthe in water and bleach!

I have attached the file here so you can read it at your leisure. Again, it is taken completely from the book – I admit that I copies all of it, but I’m sure Mrs. Barnett would understand the importance of getting the word out there.


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