Insights Into Tamoxifen-Resistance Among Black Women

Black women diagnosed with estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer and treated with tamoxifen have worse overall survival and worse progression-free survival than white women diagnosed with estrogen-receptor-positive disease treated with tamoxifen.  While socioeconomic disparities between white and black women are important factors explaining racial disparities in breast cancer outcomes, they’re not the only factors.  

Researchers have identified a stronger survival mechamism in estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer cells in black women.  The result is that estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancers in black women are less responsive to tamoxifen. Despite the suggestions at the end of the research summary, I trust that researchers are looking for effective alternatives to tamoxifen for black women and not falling back on the false promise that mammograms would have any role in addressing tamoxifen resistant breast cancer cells.  Read more here


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