January is National Blood Donor Month. Have You Considered Donating Blood?

Can you imagine needing over 130 units of blood and many platelet transfusions as part of your cancer treatment?

(If you don’t need to imagine because this is your reality, I’m about to preach to the choir.)

Every January for the past few years, I’ve written about how important blood donation is to me. What I didn’t know the first time I gave blood (in preparation for my mastectomy,) was how important blood donation is to many cancer patients.

Since then I’ve donated blood and platelets many times and encourage other cancer survivors to consider giving too. If you’re interested, but unsure of your eligibility as a cancer survivor, check out my latest post at CURE:

Did You Know You Might be Able to Donate Blood? 

In the post, a reader shares her perspective on blood donation from the point of view of a donor and a patient. Julie’s moving story (she has acute myelogenous leukemia and needed over 130 units of blood and many platelet transfusions) says more than I could ever say about how vital blood donation is to many cancer patients.

Only human beings can produce blood. If you’re open to sharing this precious resource, learn more at CURE.

Take it from me, it’s a true honor to roll up a sleeve and give fellow cancer patients the ultimate gift!

Survival > Existence,

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Debbie is the founder of WhereWeGoNow, author of You Can Thrive After Treatment and How to Build an Amazing Life After Treatment, a regular contributor at CURE and Positively Positive and a blogger at The Huffington Post. She is an inspirational speaker bringing hope to cancer survivors and the patient experience to medical professionals. Debbie gives back by working with the Cancer Hope Network, The Pathways Women’s Cancer Teaching Project, and the Carol G. Simon Cancer Center Oncology Community Advisory Board at Overlook Medical Center, Summit, NJ. Debbie is a wife, mother, and a former very stressed out attorney. To learn more, join her at WhereWeGoNow and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.



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