AnaOno Intimates introduces a lingerie line exclusively for women who’ve had breast cancer.
Founded and designed by a young breast cancer survivor, our bras are unlike anything you will find on the market today. They offer comfort, unique fit, beauty and allure to make sure you feel your very best. Unlike other post-reconstruction bras on the market, AnaOno’s gorgeous design rivals the high-end lingerie that no longer fits after surgery. Best of all, our bras fit women of all shapes, sizes and circumstances: from lumpectomy to mastectomy, unilateral to bilateral, flap surgery to implant reconstruction.

AnaOno owner Dana Donofree, a career fashion executive and designer, was diagnosed with breast cancer at 27 and underwent a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. After recovery, she discovered nothing in her bra drawer fit her any longer, so she took matters into her own hands. With her 10+ years of experience in the fashion industry, she created a product with a unique fit for those with reconstruction. But her mission was also to restore beauty and confidence after breast cancer.

AnaOno Intimates donates 10% of all sales to breast cancer foundations. Visit our shop pages to find new styles and updates!

With AnaOno, you are Never Alone.

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