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Chemo Cold Caps


Being diagnosed with cancer, any kind of cancer, is one of the most frightening times in a person’s life. After the initial shock and confusion most people begin the research phase. Choosing surgeons, oncologists and treatment choices is an extremely difficult process. For most, the added trauma of losing their hair during chemotherapy is an added burden they are forced to bear on the journey to becoming cancer free.

Our story…
After my wife’s Stage II Breast Cancer diagnosis, we embarked on a lengthy research process. We gathered information from doctors, the internet, friends, and friends of friends. It was through this process that we were introduced to cold caps, or scalp cooling. The research we found and the people we spoke with told us that scalp cooling works because of some basic physical reactions the body creates under specific conditions.
Namely, when very cold agents (the caps) are applied to the scalp, the blood vessels that would otherwise carry the drug agents harmful to hair follicles become constricted (vasoconstriction). If the blood vessels in the scalp are properly cooled (both temperature and duration), this should prohibit the cancer fighting drugs from reaching the hair follicles. As the caps are only applied to the scalp, the drug agents are then free to work throughout the rest of the body to eradicate the cancerous cells.

We tried it. It worked. Really well.
When we realized this works we were both a bit amazed and also a bit annoyed. Amazed that something so beneficial to a cancer patient was so unknown, and at the same time annoyed as we had to find out about it in such an offhand way. Finally, we realized this was pretty hard to do the way we had to do it. There had to be a way to make this easier, simpler and available to many more people.

Chemotherapy Cold Caps was started to do those things. As a cancer patient you have enough concerns already. Getting well and becoming cancer free are your first priorities. If the possibility of keeping your hair through chemotherapy interests you then get in touch with us. We provide you a turn-key, start to finish solution that enables you to focus your attention on what matters, not on the logistical demands typically associated with using cold caps.

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