My Hope Chest

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Seminole Florida 33775
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My Hope Chest

Our Program Serves To:
Expedite the healing process by providing surgeries as quickly as possible after mastectomy, restoring self-esteem and dignity to all breast cancer survivors.
Educate survivors on their breast reconstruction options.
Raise public awareness for the need of breast reconstruction as the missing part of treatment for “uninsured” survivors.
Educate women on what to expect the first year upon diagnosis and connect mastectomy patients with each other for support.

Implement legislation to require insurance companies to pay for mammograms or Digital MRI’s for all women beginning at age 35 and for women 30 years old with a family history of the disease.
Implement a program to educate the importance of self-exam from an early age within school systems.

We encourage you to join our effort and become a My Hope Chest “Angel” today. There is no greater reward tithing time or treasurer, knowing you have helped a breast cancer survivor heal. Together we will insure that no one has to live without their breasts after cancer, regardless of financial situation. With a growing wait list yearing to feel whole again… MyHope Chest needs your support now. Contact us today to see how you can join hands and “Create Butterflies”

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