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If you are looking for a physician who puts your needs first, you have come to the right place. Instead of trying to attract the masses, Suncoast Cancer Institute focuses on understanding and serving our patients better than anyone around. This focus drives everything we do– from the experience and compassion of the staff we hire, to the products and services we offer, to the personalized level of cancer care we provide. It is the very heartbeat of our practice.

The idea behind Suncoast Cancer Institute began when Dr. Penny Heinrich identified a need for a cancer institute that put the patient first. Instead of long wait times in the waiting room, brief or even nonexistent visits with the doctor, and care that lacked a personalized touch, Dr. Heinrich wanted something more for her patients. In February of 2016, Suncoast Cancer Institute opened its doors offering a “hometown” approach to medicine.

Suncoast Cancer Institute was founded with the patient as the center of our practice. Today, many large medical practices and oncology centers have stepped away from personalized care and instead focus on treating as many patients as possible in a day’s time. At Suncoast Cancer Institute, we take a different approach. We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of blood disorders and all forms of cancer, by providing comprehensive, compassionate and personalized cancer care.

Why Choose Suncoast Cancer Institute

As “Your Hometown Partner In Care,” we value our relationships with our patients. That is why we have structured our practice to be patient focused. Providing premier oncology care and ensuring the greatest level of patient satisfaction is our promise to you. Below are a few of the many things that set us apart from our competitors:

  • When you schedule an appointment with us, you will always be seen by the doctor. In fact, at Suncoast Cancer Institute, we have neither physician assistants nor nurse practitioners on staff.
  • Our phones are always answered by our staff members during and after business hours, not an answering service. When you contact us after hours, you will be speaking to a staff member directly and not an operator in an offsite location.
  • When you choose Suncoast Cancer Institute as your partner, you can expect the best possible care, using leading edge cancer therapies, education about your specific disease and treatment, and timely and effective communication.
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