What's Next For My Life

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Cancer Coach
Emotional Support

What’s Next For My Life

We are committed to helping anyone affected by cancer have the best possible outcome and experience of living, from the time of diagnosis through life. Our survivor designed life coaching services, events, self-guided journals, and tools address the unique emotional, social, and practical challenges cancer brings, quickly and effectively.

During medical treatment life coaching builds confidence, reduces stress, and helps anyone affected by cancer make the most of their options and resources. When active treatment ends, it provides a proven life coaching process to create meaningful healthy lives based on personal values, ideals, and circumstances.

I’ve helped thousands of patients, survivors, and their loved ones regain control of their lives, reduce fear and stress, and gain tools to improve quality of life during and after cancer. As a breast cancer survivor, professional life coach, author and inspirational speaker, my appeal comes from my willingness to talk about things patients and survivors don’t know (or are afraid) to ask about. My personal perspective as a survivor, professional background, and coaching skills enable me to achieve dramatic results when working with individuals or groups.

We are committed … quickly and effectively. We work with people from all over the country via phone or online, as well as in person.

Phone Number : (954) 565-6894
Website : http://whatsnextformylife.com/index.html
Email : paula@WhatsNextForMyLife.com