HATventures of Hope

As families are trying to come to grips with their worlds being turned upside down by a cancer diagnosis, their lives can become even more challenging when trying to explain this heavy subject to a child who is struggling to understand the changes that are happening around them. This book was created to speak to both parents and children during this difficult reality and uses the side effects of cancer to fuel adventures, encourage hope and teach acceptance.

Follow along the journey of a child and his mother as they deal together with the mother’s diagnosis of cancer. Join them as each day he picks a hat for his now-bald mother to wear and see the adventures that ensue–whether a trip to the market vanquishing wild lions or a trek to the park to take on fire-breathing dragons. Together they learn from each other until her son picks the most important hat of all for his mother to wear.
As they approach their final quest, they reach a destination neither one saw coming and they learn that triumph can come out of the most difficult situations if approached with imagination and love! This is the ultimate book to give or share with someone who has a child and who is experiencing the effects of chemotherapy!

Website: hatventuresofhope.com