Luscious Pink Appetizers for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Breast Cancer Awareness – any breast cancer survivor will tell you that we’re seriously ‘aware’ already. One of my pet peeves is the amount of products out that that claim to be ‘for the cure’, but are loaded with junk….fried chicken, sugar-filled yogurt, corn syrup, M&M’s…give me a break.

Do they really want to ‘cure’ us? Do they even have any clue that these foods do nothing to ‘cure’ anyone – but they can do plenty to hurt us?!

So I felt the need to post these appetizer recipes in various shades of pink. If you want to celebrate survival – I hear that! PINK IT UP, fellow survivor sisters and brothers! We need each other to lean on, confide in, understand where we’ve been and where we’re trying to go. And let’s be real – we need to let loose and party now and again!

But we also need to pursue ‘the cure’ on a very personal level. Friends, listen to me…with all of my heart I need you to hear this – healthy food is part of ‘the cure’. A BIG part. Our power is not in buying products with a pink ribbon slapped onto them. Our power is in the choices we make every day – including the foods that we eat. So when you party in pink, why not kick some cancer-booty while you do it? Now rock that pink wig, pink feather-boa, and whatever other pink item you want to wear – while feasting on these luscious pink appetizers!


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