Marion's Magic Blanket

My story starts when I went into menopause at the age of 43.  I tried every Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) I could get my hands on.  Nothing seemed to stop the Power Surges until I found a compounding pharmacy that made an HRT for me that actually worked.

In 2004, I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, for which I had a hysterectomy with no further treatments.  The hotflashes worsened, and my doctors prescribed a variety of HRT’s.  Some of them worked and some NOT. I continued to struggle with very little sleep.

In 2011, I had eye surgery that went wrong. The surgeon refused to believe it was his error and instead claimed that I had a stroke in the eye that caused the damage.  After that, no doctor would prescribe me an HRT.

Still struggling in June of 2015, a new physician prescribed me the low dose of HRT I had previously taken.  Everything seemed better until June of 2015, when my regular mammogram showed a lump in my right breast.  It was Stage 2, hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer.

After surgery, my physician recommended 35 radiation treatments to ensure that the cancer would not come back.  This is when I went into research mode.  A friend of mine recommend that I purchase a Marion’s Magic Blanket.  I had never heard of it.  None of my doctors or my research turned up this recommendation for protecting myself from radiation burns.  I was willing to try anything.

I ordered a Marion’s Magic Blanket online.  I became the one to watch as the radiation process got under way.  I am happy to report that IT WORKED. The doctors were surprised.  I also used an after-sun aloe gel that I purchased at my local drug store and applied it multiple times a day.  I wore my Marion’s Magic Blanket under my clothes every minute I was home and even when I went to bed.

God’s blessings to all of you that have to go through radiation, and Praise God for Marion’s Magic Blanket.

Bernice Starkey 

Venice, Florida


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