Memories of Love

Memories of Love is a non-profit organization whose mission is, single focused to help families with young children and a parent facing life threatening illness create happy memories. I was in the middle of my treatment for stage IV breast cancer when a friend told me about Memories of Love. After filling out the application and getting my doctors signature, we were approved for our family vacation. I was able to choose the date that worked best for us; we decided to go two months after my liver surgery to celebrate. Even before we left for Orlando, the excitement of planning and the anticipation about the trip was a wonderful diversion from the daily burden of dealing with cancer. It gave us something to look forward to and we were counting down the days.

Memories of Love provided tickets to Disney World, Universal Studios/Island of Adventure and Sea World, six days in all. We stayed in a beautiful hotel that provided a great breakfast each morning. They gave us discount coupons for meals and $200.00 spending money.

Its hard to describe what this vacation meant to our family. Going through treatment is expensive and time-consuming; we never could have afforded a week at Disney nor did I have the energy to plan such a trip. Memories of Love thought of everything and gave instructions about every detail imaginable. My daughter, Aleah, was seven when we went this past February; it was the first time in a year that we were able to truly relax and have fun together.

Our Memories of Love vacation is something we will always remember and cherish.


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