New Technology for Breast Self-Exam

When it comes to breast health, we women often feel disconnected and dependent on others in a way that leaves us feeling very disempowered. That is about to change. We can now take control of our breast health in a safe and personal way, with Eclipse.

Technology is revolutionizing breast health. The Eclipse device provides users with the ability to see, feel, map and decipher cancerous and pre-cancerous tumors deep within the breast tissue, with a level of confidence and accuracy previously unattainable.

The Eclipse combines patent-pending imaging and sensor technology into a simple and safe system that enables women to easily monitor their breast health, by digitizing their monthly breast self-exam.  Scans are done by applying moderate pressure while sliding the Eclipse in overlapping patterns across the breast to produce a series of high resolution deep-tissue images.

Using a proprietary and patented TransPhotonic technology, which was also co-engineered by Ken Wright for the US Navy submarines to “see” in murky water and other obstructed situations. The Eclipse uses no radiation or invasive technology, so women are able to use Eclipse as often as they like, without any risk of side effects.  

By using Eclipse, women now have a simpler, more effective tool to detect breast changes, and will be able to identify irregularities long before the human hand could feel them. But there’s more.

The Eclipse smartphone application has the ability to capture image data from the Eclipse device, send that data to HIPAA compliant servers and allow viewing of all past results. The Pink Cloud is a total breast health ecosystem for news, physician evaluations, risk assessment, forum and more, with more functionality to come.

Once the images are captured, the user can upload them to the Pink Cloud, a networked breast health social ecosystem of Eclipse users. When a user activates their Eclipse, they automatically receive a Pink Cloud account, streamlining the ability to monitor breast health.  Images generated using Eclipse are uploaded to a personal, private account that is a members-only community.  Once logged in, women can access a secure area to upload and store their images, keep them private or share with their doctor.  There is also an Eclipse image review service available in which medical experts provide an analysis of the scanned images. The Pink Cloud also offers automatic reminders for future scans and a social network so women can take a proactive role in not only their breast health, but in helping other members.


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