No Flu For You Juice

Ahhhhhh……..What is that, you ask?  It is SILENCE!  Which can only mean one thing.  The new school year has begun!  I am excited for the teachers, and all of the committed hours they put in for our children,  the students, and all of their hopes and dreams for the school year, and all of the people behind the scenes to make each school year successful….and I can’t lie, I am pretty excited about a little bit of (no guilt)  alone time.  I am hoping I am not alone……anyone?
     Not only does the new school year bring some bittersweet emotions; but also germs and bacteria.  Now, as a former art teacher, I think most any teacher or parent can agree, that the true cold and flu season starts two weeks into the school year.  All of these innocent little faces, ready to conquer the world…..and to only think of all of the places their little fingers have  already touched!  On that note..
This is my cold and flu fighter.  If any of my crew at home start getting a cold and/or flu symptoms; achy muscles, runny nose, or eyes, sore throat, cough, or congestion, you will find me running to this concoction.
“No flu for you”
3-4 carrots
1/4 red/purple cabbage
3-4 leaves of kale
1/2 lemon (rind on)
1 peeled garlic clove
Cayenne pepper
1 tomato
Juice all of the ingredients.  Sprinkle as much or as little of the cayenne peeper as you would like on the top.
    If you have not noticed by now, carrots are the base of many of my juices.  There are two reasons behind this, not only are they high in vitamin A and beta- carotene, they are also a powerhouse of nutrients ready to help our immune system do its job.  On the financial end of things, you can purchase a 25lb bag of organic juicing carrots for around $17.00.  If you are trying to include juicing into a budget, this is the way to do it.
    Purple, or red cabbage belongs to the cruciferous family.  These beautifully rich colored veggies are well known for fighting the “big C”; but did you know, they are great for fighting the “little C”, also, …that common, everyday cold.  Cabbage contains numerous antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients.
    Kale helps supercharge our immune system.  It also helps fight viruses and bacteria in our system.  Kale is also is a great source of vitamin C.
   Lemon/ garlic/ cayenne combination is very classic when fighting a cold and building the immune system.  Garlic has antiviral and antibacterial properties and  is also an expectorant, so it will help you cough up bacteria in your lungs. Lemon also has antibacterial properties.  It is also very effective fighting infections, especially in the throat.   Cayenne helps clear stuffy noses and sinus canals.
     I will leave you with this, for what it is worth.  My family is rarely sick.  We have made it almost a year to see the doctor, until today.  Everyone  in my household has been on a nebulizer and antibiotics in the eyes.  Everyone except me, I believe it is this juice!  I have seen mucus coming from noses, eyes, and uncovered coughs, but none of that for me!  I have to believe it is because of all the extra nutrients helping my immune system fight.
 Just remember one thing…. This IS NOT the juice to run out of the house drinking.  Do not juice this and finish it in the car while you are driving.  The garlic is strong!  You will need to brush your teeth!
 Unless you want to test it out, pick your son up from pre- kindergarten,  and have him and all of his friends wondering why the room smells like pizza!
Cheers to no flu for you.
by Emily Williams


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