Offering Realism for Areola Tattoos Free of Charge

We are pleased to announce that Sacred Rites Tattoo Bradenton will begin offering free areola tattoos for women who have undergone a mastectomy in relation to breast cancer. This offer will be available to anyone cleared by their doctor starting December 1st, 2015. 
As head artist and co-owner of Sacred Rites Tattoo Bradenton, I, Michael Csanki, enjoy creating realistic tattoos known as “realism”. I and my best friend and business partner, Matthew Haines, have personally experienced and watched many friends experience the tragedy and pain of cancer. We want to do what we can to support those who are currently fighting the disease, and those who have won against it. It was upon buying our own tattoo shop in June 2015 that we came up with the idea of giving women the opportunity to get back part of what was taken from them and is so precious to many women, their nipples. 
Many doctors offer areola tattoos for patients after they’ve gone through a mastectomy, but while they may be excellent doctors, they are not artists. Breast cancer survivors deserve to have 3D, realistic nipples that look like the real thing, and we can give them that; we would be honored to give them that, free of charge. These women have been through the fight of their lives, a fight that many don’t make it out of. We want to show people who have cancer of all forms that there are people rooting for them. 
In the future, we plan on coming up with more ways we can support our community, not just monetarily, but with our unique talents as artists. We feel that as artists, there are many more ways we can support others in our community. We aren’t just a business about money, we are about community. We are fully aware that without our community, our business would be nothing. The way we see it, if we aren’t going out of our way to do as much for our community as we can, then we don’t deserve the community’s support. We hope that other tattoo shops and artists decide to offer the same so that in every community people have this available to them.
Matthew Haines
6703 14th street west, unit 203
Bradenton, Fl 34207



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