Pantene Beautiful Lengths is a Beautiful Thing

Pantene Beautiful Lengths is a program that allows even a child to make a difference in the life of someone who is enduring cancer treatments. This program encourages volunteer donors to grow, cut, and donate their hair to make real-hair wigs for women who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy.

One of these donors was a 7 year old girl named Olivia. When asked why she wanted to cut and donate her hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, Olivia answered, “My aunt had just died. I thought it would be a way to remember her. I thought it would help a lot of people that had cancer because my hair could make wigs for people who had breast cancer.”

Olivia’s mom, Chris, shared that when Olivia’s aunt died, it was very hard for Olivia. She said, ”We felt by getting her hair cut it would give her some control over the situation. It was doing something positive after something negative happened.” When asked what Olivia thought about her new shorter style after the cut, Chris said “She was excited and thought it looked great!” And this was not the first time Olivia donated her lovely locks. She cut and donated her hair for a similar organization at the age of 5.

Since its inception in July 2006, Pantene Beautiful Lengths has received overwhelming support from women, children, and even men wishing to express their feelings of hope and gratitude, of love and loss by donating their ponytails. Thanks to the generosity of these donors, Beautiful Lengths has collected over 208,000 ponytails, creating 6,300 wigs to donate to women who have chemotherapy induced hair loss. A real-hair wig can help a woman regain a sense of normalcy while going through cancer treatment.

Creating a real-hair wig takes approximately three to four months, and each wig requires at least six ponytails to make. After Pantene Beautiful Lengths wigs are created, they are distributed for free through select American Cancer Society wig banks across the country. Women facing cancer can find out about the availability of a Pantene Beautiful Lengths wig by calling the American Cancer Society at 1-877-227-1596.

The general hair requirements for donated hair are:

  • Donated hair must be a minimum of 8 inches long (measure hair from just above the elastic band of the ponytail to the ends).
  • Hair may be colored with vegetable dyes, rinses and semi-permanent dyes. It cannot be bleached, permanently colored or chemically treated.
  • Hair may not be more than 5% gray.

If you would like to learn more about Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program click here to go to their website.


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