Predicting Ovarian Function in Premenopausal Breast Cancer Patients

Researchers recently set out to determine whether measuring a woman’s hormone levels prior to chemotherapy could help to predict ovarian function following chemotherapy treatment. The ability to predict chemotherapy’s impact on ovarian function would help women of childbearing age to make important decisions related to aspirations for future childbearing.  Certain hormones are measured to evaluate ovarian function in women who have not been treated for cancer but who are struggling with infertility. Some of these same hormones were measured in breast cancer patients prior to chemotherapy in an experiement designed to test whether hormone levels could help predict ovarian function post-chemotherapy.  The study results showed that it may be possible prior to chemotherapy to predict how long it will take for women’s ovaries to again start functioning.  While more research is needed, the results of this study give hope to the many young women of childbearing age facing chemotherapy and hoping for a future that includes bearing children.  Read more about the study here.


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