Predictive Value of DCIS Recurrence Risk Test Confirmed

Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) is sometimes referred to as Stage 0 breast cancer.  This somewhat confusing description stems from the fact that with DCIS, abnormal cells are confined within the mammary duct and have not invaded the surrounding breast tissue. DCIS is therefore not considered life-threatening but is said to raise the risk of developing invasive breast cancer later on. Most women diagnosed with DCIS are candidates for lumpectomy. Any recommendation for additional treatment, such as radiation, is based on estimates of the baseline risk of local recurrence following lumpectomy alone. The Oncotype DX DCIS test is used to predict the risk of recurrence in women diagnosed with DCIS and treated only with lumpectomy. How dependable is this test? Studies are providing a growing body of evidence that the Oncotype DX DCIS test is very effective for predicting and quantifying an individual’s recurrence risk. Such studies will hopefully help ease the anxiety of women diagnosed with DCIS, who rely on the test when deciding whether to undergo post-lumpectomy radiation. Read about the latest study documenting the Oncotype DX DCIS test’s accuracy in predicting recurrence risk here. Read more about DCIS here.


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