Preserving Dignity During Treatment

Cancer treatment doesn’t have to be as uncomfortable as it sometimes is. I designed Janes medical gowns to ensure that women no longer have to feel exposed and vulnerable during medical procedures, mammograms, and exams.  I know that small comforts can make a big difference.
My mother and two sisters are breast cancer survivors, and I have had uterine cancer. My family members and I received wonderful care in state of the art facilities from knowledgeable and kind professionals. Our discomfort came when we stepped into the changing room and were instructed to put on a standard patient examination gown. Most of us have been in this situation, clutching closed those thin, scratchy gowns.  Skinny girls freeze in them, and larger girls fall out of them. Isn’t medical treatment uncomfortable enough? 
There is no reason to feel this way at such a vulnerable time. Feeling comfortable, relaxed and secure during medical exams, treatment and recovery is possible. Janes medical gowns will keep you warm, stylish, and covered, contributing to a more positive medical experience.
by Sharon Linder
Janes medical gowns make a thoughtful gift to yourself or loved one. bJanes…It’s Okay to Bring Your Own.


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