Prioritizing Prevention With A Breast Cancer Vaccine

Breast Health and Healing Foundation (501c3) is the only breast cancer foundation whose mission is to discover the causes of breast cancer and to use that knowledge to prevent the disease.  Dr. Kathleen Ruddy, its Founder and President, is a graduate of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Breast Fellowship program, and a graduate of McGill University's International Masters for Health Leadership.  Dr. Ruddy is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, the Leadership Council of the Harvard School of Public Health, and the Power Circle of 85 Broads.  Dr. Ruddy's Commitment to Action for the Clinton Global Initiative is "Alpha and Omega:  Breast Cancer Virus, Preventive Vaccine".  Dr. Ruddy is especially interested in research on the human breast cancer virus, thought to be involved in ~40-75% of human breast cancer cases, and the world's first preventive breast cancer vaccine developed at the Cleveland Clinic by Professor Vincent Tuohy (published in Nature Medicine, May 2010.)  Dr. Ruddy's tag line is the "Pure Cure" – primary prevention of breast cancer is our endpoint.


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