Selling Suckers for Survivors - Heather Hall's Survivor Story

Heather Hall is a 31-year-old mother of 3 and a survivor of stage 3c ovarian cancer. She was diagnosed in 2010.
The past 4 years have been tough on her as well as her family. They had just moved from Michigan to Tennessee when she was diagnosed.  She has gone through IP chemotherapy and 16 surgeries where they removed over 60 pounds of tumors from her body. She was depressed and felt alone.
An internet research led her to the National Women’s Survivors Convention last year. Having no money, she asked for help.  She was granted a scholarship to last year’s convention.
”I cannot tell you enough how much it changed my life. Since the convention I have a feeling of self worth, strength, and I know I can do anything. I feel beautiful, even though I am a road map from surgeries and most importantly I have found myself and my purpose in life. In some weird way and by some strange change, I often wonder if I was meant to have cancer.”
Cancer has shown her that there is more to life. The NWSC was just the first step.
She was honored with the opportunity to join Martina McBride and participate in a Christmas stocking stuffing for chemo patients around Nashville.
She was inspired to do even more.
Soon after Christmas, she began an event for Valentine’s Day for the children’s hospital and surrounding chemo rooms. She made 500 homemade suckers and 500 homemade heart-shaped sugar cookies and raised $3500 in toys and gifts for the children’s hospital with the help of her family, friends, and Team Martina.
This brought Heather to a bigger idea.
She didn’t want to stop there. She loved the convention so much last year that she  decided she needed to do something to get other cancer survivors to this event so they could feel what she had felt and the way that she continue to feels. It was time for Heather to share her new life with others.
Loving to cook, she started making homemade suckers and decided to name them “Suckers for Survivors”.  This year she raised money by selling these suckers to create scholarships for 20 other cancer survivors so they can go to this convention. She will continue to sell these suckers throughout the rest of her life so she can continue sending cancer survivors to the convention in hopes that it changes their lives as it has hers.
“Maybe it is small to some.  Maybe it is large to others.  But, I believe I can reach others, touch others and share with others. How? By just paying it forward it can change them.”
Cancer is a curse to many.  To others it might be an opportunity.  To Heather’s family, cancer is a journey they are taking together.  “I am a better person, a better wife and a better mother to my children.   This is my lesson for my children to teach as they grow.  I will teach them every little thing matters.”
For Heather, survivorship is a few hours a week making little ribbon suckers to give away the money it raises to help others.
“Someone believed in me and helped me see my life mattered.  I want to do the same.”
TOGETHER WE WILL WIN THIS FIGHT AGAINST THIS DISEASE, but before we do, we all have to take a small step forward and make a difference.


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