Sphinx Yoga Push Up For Breast Cancer

Sphinx Push Up

A modified Sphinx Push Up benefits women recovering from breast cancer because this pose builds upper body strength and develops triceps muscles. This pose isn't easy if you are weak. A prop can be placed under elbows to help with the lift. Equal pressure needs to be applied when lifting. This exercise also work the triceps, the muscles at the backs of the arms, which is an area a lot of women struggle with.



  1. Begin on belly with forearms on ground with elbows forward-arms shoulder distance, engage elbows back towards body while lifting chest and lengthening out through legs. Place a small pillow or blanket under belly to assist in height and comfort.
  2. INHALE, keep weight even – press into hands and lift elbows up while straightening arms.
  3. EXHALE, slowly lower down evenly.
  4. Repeat 5 – 10 times using the breath to raise and lower.
  5. Make sure that the lift and the lowering is even; to decrease sensation in lower back try engaging or releasing buttocks or vary space between legs.


  • Builds arms and chest muscle strength
  • Increases axially lymphatic drainage
  • Stretches abdomen and chest
  • Gain strength in triceps with arms forward
  • Rejuvenates spine and relieves back stiffness
  • Works back extensor muscles, posterior shoulders
  • Allows spine to sink and relax into the body Increases circulation of lymph to breast tissue

By Diana Ross

Founder of www.BreastCancerYoga.com and breast cancer survivor

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