Juicing Pizzazz

My entire family loves this drink, and it only takes minutes out of my schedule to make this light and refreshing juice.  These three simple ingredients are important to any health, cleanse, tune-up, or detox program.  This juice is a great source of vitamin B1, C, Manganese, sulfur, iron, and calcium, just to name a few.  Pineapples are also such a great source of Bromelain, which contains anti-inflammatory properties.  This juice will help fight muscle soreness, help in digestion (which may aid in weight loss), and will also help fight those pesky colds!
Pineapple Pizzazz
2-3 pineapple spears (remove the hard outside skin)
2 green apples
1 inch ginger
Juice all ingredients.
The pineapple will leave pulp.  If you wish, you may strain the juice.
Pour over ice and enjoy!
Enjoy this tasty light juice when you are craving something sweet, as part of a meal, or post exercise to rejuvenate and hydrate your muscles.  You may even want to put those running shoes up and relax knowing that you are giving your digestive system a break, which allows your body to have more energy for other activities.
By Emily Williams


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