Summer Green Juice

I love this combination of green juice.  Now, obviously you can add any variety of green veggies and fruit you would like to make a beautiful deep green beverage, but this is one of my favorites.   As I drink that first sip, I know that I am doing something wonderful for my body.  It is like having a fresh summer salad in a glass.  The kids are home from school and this is my ultimate " fast food" when we are on the go.
1 broccoli stem
A small bunch of kale
1 head romaine
1-2 pears (depending on how sweet you like it)
     Broccoli is considered the "king" of the cruciferous family.  It certainly does not let us down when we juice it.  It is loaded with phytonutrients and anti-oxidants that boost our immune system and stimulates the production of antibodies to help fight most kinds of cancer.  I have found that I get the majority of the juice from the stalks.  I cut off the florets and save them for a snack or keep for a different dish later in the week.  This helps with keeping my fruit and veggie cost down!
     If broccoli is the king, then kale can certainly be considered the "queen" of the greens.  This superfood is very popular these days.  The health benefits of kale are linked to the high concentrations and excellent sources antioxidants, vitamins A,C, and K, and sulphur containing phytonutrients.  There is a few varieties of kale, but all will give you these health benefits.
     Romaine is one of my favorites to juice.  You can find organic romaine in almost every grocery store and it yields a significant amount of juice.  That is important when you are watching that grocery budget!  Romaine is high in chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals.  It is a very low calorie nutrient packed juice that holds many of the same benefits as kale.  Also, let's not forget the added benefit of the blood-rebuilding chlorophyll.
     I add pear to add a little sweetness to the juice, but that is not its only job.  Pears have a wide range of health benefits which include cancer prevention, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.  The pear also has a cooling effect which is excellent for reducing a fever.  It also helps on those hot summer days!
I hope you enjoy!  Cheers!
by Emily Williams


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