Team Tony Supports Sarasota Area Cancer Patients

I never knew how hard it was to get post-mastectomy supplies until my mom needed them. She’s been trying for the past 3-4 years.  Her insurance will even pay for four bras a year and a new prosthesis every two years.  The problem is that those vendors that do carry what she needs do not take her insurance, whereas the ones that did take her insurance have either closed down or no longer take her insurance.  

I work for a company that supports Team Tony Cancer Foundation.  Representatives of Team Tony came to meet with the employees so that we knew exactly what they are doing for our community.  I am so grateful they did.  Thanks to Tony, Angela, and Michelle, I learned about a place in downtown Sarasota named “In The Pink” that does provide mastectomy supplies.  I took my mom and they accept her insurance but even if they did not, they said they would make sure she walked out of there with supplies she needs.  The “In the Pink” employee was very kind and helpful.  My mom was able to get her four bras and a new prosthesis and is very happy.  

While we were there, a young lady in her early 30’s came in.  I learned that she is diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer.  She is going through chemotherapy and is in the process of losing her long hair.  She came in looking for a wig, but was concerned that her Medicaid would not cover the cost.  Her story broke my heart.  She also told me she has a mentor with Team Tony who she relies upon to help her through this process.  “In The Pink” told her they would definitely make sure she had a wig regardless of the Medicaid coverage.  

I cannot say enough good about this organization.  I was my mother’s caregiver while she went through her second bout of cancer, this time it was esophageal.  It would have been nice to have an organization out there to help both of us through this difficult time.  I think Team Tony is needed in this area. Both my mom and I have decided to go through their mentor training program to hopefully be a help and encouragement to others through their time of need.  

Thank you Team Tony for all you do in this community!

By Deanna Lucas

To learn about requesting support or becoming a peer mentor volunteer, visit the Team Tony website @

To learn more about In the Pink Boutique, visit their website at


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