The Heroines Choir

Cancer, like any other life threatening trauma, changes your perspective about life indelibly.  Some remain defined by it, while others confront their mortality and find a new way of living, often driven by gratitude.  The latter serve as the basis for our very special support group, The Heroines Choir.  We don’t deny that the stages of anger, denial, etc. are important, but we adhere to the idea that eventually one must celebrate this amazing roller coaster ride we call life.  When our action-oriented psychosocial support group gathers, we do not discuss our ailments and treatments. Instead, we challenge chemo brain and transform our self-image through new learning experiences that generate synaptic growth and self-confidence. We oxygenate our systems with proven breathing techniques, creating an inhospitable environment for new cancer cells to grow.  We fulfill childhood dreams of being onstage while inspiring thousands of victims to become victors. We enjoy ourselves in an atmosphere of love and tolerance that defies description. The best part is that none of our Heroines come to us as singers.  The process of learning this wonderful new skill affords clear opportunities to gauge progress and growth in the areas of mind, body and spirit. Research studies prove what we know in our hearts to be true, that singing improves wellness on many levels for many reasons.  
Our sessions begin with meditation and chi gung (Chinese art of breathing), followed by vocal warm ups and training with our fabulous choir Directress, Ms. Annie Mendez.  It’s amazing we get anything accomplished with all the laughing we do! Singing is not only great for our health, but so much fun! To date, we have performed throughout Miami Dade & Broward counties for over 168,000 people in private and public festivals and events, both small and large. We not only engage the breast cancer community, but any women’s groups that engage the concepts of empowerment, education and improved wellness of mind, body and spirit. We meet on Sunday afternoons in both North & South locations and all women are welcome. We understand that caregivers, family and friends who share the cancer experience also need support and empowerment tools like The Heroines Choir, so we are open to everyone and anyone who wants to learn to sing and gain control over their physical and psychological health.
This program operates on donations through my non-profit agency, Heroes Unite, and we are always seeking support in the form of sponsorship, networking, fundraising, internships or steering committees. You can also hire us to perform at your event. If you are interested in assisting our organization in any way or just want to learn more please contact me at or 305-981-7780. Better yet, please donate at . Don’t forget to like us on Facebook.
by Alice M. Billman


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