The Swimbeau - The Fashionable Swimcap for Women With Hair Loss

The Beach. Images of a carefree you, relaxing in the sun, enjoying the sea breeze, splashing in the refreshing oceanic waves. That’s if you have hair.

rubber.jpgWithout hair? Images of a self-conscious you. That dreaded struggle to pull a tight rubber cap over a bald head, far too much trouble to take off and recap repeatedly through-out the day or having to secure your cap with a tight and uncomfortable neck strap? Splashing in the waves? Not an option for a beach beauty in a wig. Hopeful images of a dead still day…. sea breezes have been known to literally blow your cover. No head covering for you? Just lots and LOTS of sunscreen?

swimbeau-nap.jpgWith the “swimbeau.” Images of a confident, comfortable, beach-fashionable you. Bring on the sun and the waves. Relax and enjoy the salty breeze. A flowered head band to complement your relaxed smile. Or dive head-first off the pool diving board knowing that you will emerge confidently, radiantly, with your swimbeau in place.

beach-fun.jpgTake the rubber, the Speedo, the sweltering head, and the anxiety out of summer. The swimbeau will give you back everything you love about summer and water, but could not fully enjoy due to your hair loss. You requested and we designed it, because no woman or girl should have to surrender her sense of style with her hair.

swimbeau-blck-wht.jpgCheck out our new Swimbeau video – hair loss never looked so chic!

Susan Beausang,


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