Trans-Pacific Partnership Bad News for Breast Cancer Patients

Referred to as a “free trade” agreement, we are being kept in the dark regarding this secretive pact between global corporations. Despite the fact that our lives will be greatly impacted by this agreement, we are not allowed to see the draft text, and even our Representatives in Congress have been provided extremely limited access.  Why so much secrecy over an agreement that President Obama claims will improve the lives of average Americans? To find out, we would have to ask one of the more than 500 official corporate “trade advisors” representing the likes of Big Pharma, Big Agriculture and Big Wall Street who have not just seen, but drafted the agreement.  What we do know is that the TPP will restrict patient access to affordable medicine by providing pharmaceutical companies new rights and powers to increase medicine prices and limiting consumers’ access to generic alternatives.  Maintaining monopoly prices for cancer drugs is top priorty for Big Pharma and should our Congressional Representatives approve this “trade” pact, they’ll rest peacefully, assured that their obscene profits are safe, while cancer patients worldwide pay the price.  Dubbed the “Death Sentence Clause” by breast cancer advocate, Zahara Heckscher, and other patient advocates, the TPP would allow drug monopolies on biologics (such as Herceptin) for 5-8 years.  Find out more about the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement and how it will impact cancer patients herehere, and here.  Cancer is big business.  It’s time we stop allowing others to gain obscene wealth from our suffering.


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