Vitamin D and Breast Cancer Survival

I am not a fan of nutritional supplements. I believe food-based nutrition makes more sense. Food is the most natural source of nutrients and only if my diet were limited by circumstances would I opt for nutrient supplements (if I could afford them). I eat a diverse, organic, whole foods-based diet, which I find easier to swallow (literally) and more affordable than nutrients-in-a-pill. There is one exception. Vitamin D.

A new study adds to the growing body of research that correlates breast cancer survival rates with levels of vitamin D. Researchers found Vitamin D levels in their breast cancer patient study participants were inversely proportional to disease progression and death rates. In other words, low Vitamin D levels were associated with more advanced-stage tumors and breast cancer mortality. Vitamin D deficiency is also thought to raise breast cancer risk among otherwise healthy women.

I may live in Sunny Florida, but I live and work indoors. You probably do too. That means unless you’re eating a lot of fortified (read processed) foods, you’re probably deficient in Vitamin D. Most of us are. The list of health conditions associated with Vitamin D deficiency is far too long to list here but you can check it out here. You can easily check your Vitamin D levels with a simple blood test. I don’t have a single female friend in the U.S. who has been tested and not discovered they were severely deficient in Vitamin D. In my opinion, Vitamin D supplements are worth the hard swallow.





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