What are you taking for granted?

What have you been taking for granted? Family? Friends? Employees? We get busy, we run around in the daily rat race and sometimes the niceties fall by the wayside. We forget to say please, and thank you, we forget to give a little positive reinforcement.  But what about things we take for granted?

Not a person, but things. The smell of jasmine in the air, the laugh of a child on the wind at the beach, a soft, cool breeze while you’re sitting in a park. These are things we all frequently take for granted.  Who’s got time for that right? Regardless of how busy we are on any given day, how many of us take the time to notice such a thing? Few if any.  And frankly that is sad, because before we became the rats in this race, before our noses were stuck in our iphones, or ipads, we did notice.  We did enjoy the simple pleasures of life – of the world around us and everything it had to offer in the way of beauty.

I admit I was one of the many who ran around trying to get everything done, trying to take care of everyone except myself, and still trying to have it all. I took everything around me for granted because I simply didn’t have the time for them, and when life and circumstances stopped me cold in my tracks, I stood on shaky legs, with a broken heart and looked around.  I looked at all life had to offer – and I saw it. I smelled the jasmine, I heard the child laughing, and felt the breeze as I sat in my beach chair reading a book.

And it healed me. No, not physically although I believe it did help me there too, it healed me emotionally. All the pain and sadness I was feeling diminished because I took joy in watching a dog on a walk with his owners who was carrying a flat football in his mouth. I took joy in the smell of a bowl of gardenias, or the jasmine hedges that surround the parking lot at my condo.  I took joy in a favorite song on the radio. Being happy, finding joy heals. Taking the time to see all that is around us, all the beauty and the funny things too brings happiness, and that is what it’s all about.

by Norma Pitzer-Kelly


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