Where There Is A Prop, There’s A Way

No pose is too big or too small, all you need is the right yoga props and a good attitude. Pick a restorative yoga practice of your choice that will offer an opportunity to explore different props and different poses. Using flowing movements before coming into a sustain pose with props will help to warm up muscles, and offer the opportunity to settle down. Movement also provide the chance to shed restlessness and any agitation before settling into a place of surrender.

Props are to be use, so use them generously; blocks, pillows, bolsters, blankets, sandbags, eye pillows and belts. The more support that is felt, the deeper sense of relaxation and nurturance. Make sure when using the props that they feel “just right.” A little adjustment here, or a little adjustment there, can make all the difference in the world. I mean that, so please explore the placements of the props. One inch can transform a supported pose; allowing you to feel like you are in heaven. Here in lies your opportunity to tune inwards, and intuitively feel what is needed. For some, restorative poses may create a challenge for the mind to settle down and relax, so don’t be hard on yourself; just allow it to happen. In time and with practice the feelings of comfort and healing will draw you into the present moment, where the real work is for peace and acceptance. The power of the props are not just to support the physical body through this time of healing but a time to find a quiet understanding. This is where questions are either answered or they lose their importance.

Taking this valuable time for yourself to be supported with props is imperative. When in breast cancer recovery this maybe a time for emotional healing to be felt and absorbed. It will awaken an awareness inside, where we need not pretend; but realize we can become responsible for change. This awareness exists beyond words and props.

By: Diana Ross, E-RYT 500
Founder: Breast Cancer Yoga

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