Why I Relay For Life


The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life® is a fundraising event with a theme representing the journey of a patient diagnosed with cancer.

Relay Celebrates Survivors.

Groups of people assemble as teams and set up camps around an oval walking track. Every team camp has a special fun theme and many teams sell food or offer something fun as a fundraising opportunity for their team. Those who attend the event can enjoy visiting the 40 or so team sites.

The night begins with a dinner offered at no cost to all survivors and their caregiver. The night continues with a member of each team walking around the track, but no one has to walk. At different times of the evening the laps have different themes such as wear purple, beads, crazy hat and so on. Once the sun goes down the track is lit up with candles in bags, luminares. On these luminares are the names of those who have fought and won and those we miss. It’s so moving and just beautiful. The evening is filled with live music, food, the kids running around having a good time, friends catching up, and people coming and going. Most of the teams spend the night. But again, no one has to. It’s just a way to keep the party going. The true idea behind this event is that at dawn with the sunrise comes new hope.

When you hear the words “you have cancer”, you don’t have to go through it alone. Many different challenges lay ahead. And just as you reach your darkest moment remember Relay, the sun will always rise bringing new hope and washing away the darkness…

If you are in the Sarasota, Florida area you can join our Breast Investigators team for Relay for Life on Palmer Ranch or you can start up your own Breast Investigators team or a team of your own in your area. For more information click here.


By Joanne Hampton


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